Arts & Humanities Exploring

Learning for Life

Arts & Humanities Career Exploring is a hands-on program open to young men and women from 6th grade to 20-years old. It exposes participant to many career opportunities in art, music, drama and other humanities.

Exploring is a worksite-based program of Learning for Life, a subsidiary of the Boy Scouts of America. Exploring units, called "posts", usually have a focus on a single career field. The Trinity-sponsored Post focuses on careers in the arts and humanities. The purpose of the Exploring program is to provide real world career experiences and develop other critical skills necessary for success in college and a career.

Adults are selected by the participating organization for involvement in the program. Color, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, economic status and citizenship are not criteria for participation.

For more information contact Trinity’s Coordinator, Robin Denny, through the Parish Office at 860-482-6027.