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Baptism is the sacrament signifying our identity as children of God and our commitment to walk in the ways of God throughout our lives.

Baptism serves as a sacrament of welcome into the Body of Christ—for children and adults. In it, we celebrate God's love and embrace for God's people as unconditional and absolute; we are “marked as Christ’s own forever,” making Baptism a sacrament that is done only once in a person’s life.

Baptism is also a time when the community of faith gathers to renew its own commitment to Christ and support those who are being baptized in their life in Christ. While it is possible to be baptized at any time, there are 4 times a year most appropriate for this rite: Baptism of Our Lord (Early January), Easter Vigil, Pentecost, and All Saints.

Baptism celebrations:

If you would like to be baptized (or have your child baptized), please contact the
parish office about scheduling an appointment to talk with the Priest.

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