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Scrip Cards

In 2017, the Scrip Program gave Trinity Church $941.02 of income. That seems like a nice number, but when you consider that only a fraction of parishioners use scrip, you realize that that number can be  higher. If more people buy more scrip cards, Trinity will receive more money - it's that simple.


This is FREE MONEY that is just like found money. Here is an example. The attractive man in the picture just purchased two cards - $100 for Shop Rite (good for using at Price Rite) and $100 for Shell. He will use these cards each time he goes to Price Rite and Shell. Now the scrip company donates a different percentage for each company; in this case, they will donate 4% for Shop Rite cards and 1.5% for Shell cards, so $5.50 will be donated to Trinity. But our handsome scrip customer still gets to spend 100% of the money he spent on the card.

Other percentages:

·         Applebee's - 8%

·         Barnes & Noble - 8%

·         Dunkin Donuts - 3%

·         Panera Bread - 8%

·         Stop & Shop - 4%

·         Subway - 6%

.         99 Restaurant - 13%

·         TJ Maxx, Marshalls - 7%

·         Gap - 14%

·         JCPenney - 5%

·         LL Bean - 16% (Wow!)

·         Lands End - 15% (Wow!)

·         Walgreen's - 5%

.         Shop Rite (Price Rite) - 4%

·         Walmart - 2.5%

· - 2.25%

·         Petco - 5%

·         Michael's - 4%

·         Jo-Ann's - 6%

.         Cracker Barrel - 8%

.         Gulf Oil (Cumberland Farms) - 1.5%

There are hundreds of participating retailers - locally, nationwide and online. Click here to see the current list of retailers. Now consider where you shop: supermarkets, drug stores, department stores, gas stations, restaurants, online stores... You purchase a card for any amount, you spend the card for that amount of merchandise, and Trinity Church magically receives a percentage of that purchase.


Crazy, right? You buy the cards at face value, you spend the cards at face value, and Trinity Church gets a percentage - anywhere from 2% to 10% or more, as it varies from company to company.


Please try with just one card, and then you will see how easy it is to purchase more cards and shop in a way that delivers FREE MONEY to Trinity Church.


Please see a Scrip Card person after Sunday Services. 

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