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Life Events

Joining Trinity

Anyone who is a baptized Christian, from any denomination, may be considered a member of Trinity simply by telling us that you would like to join our fellowship.


Confirmation is the rite during which parishioners make a mature public affirmation of the promises made on their behalf when they were baptized as young children. 


Baptism is the sacrament signifying our identity as children of God and our commitment to walk in the ways of God throughout our lives.


We are happy to explore your interest in having your marriage celebrated at Trinity.


It can be a great comfort to family members and other loved ones to know your wishes for your service.

Memorial Garden

The memorial garden at Trinity Church is intended as a place of tranquility, peace and natural beauty.

Contact Clergy

Contact Trinity at the main office, or send an email our Priest, to one of our Staff, or the Vestry

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