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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can anyone attend a Service?

The Episcopal Church welcomes all to our Worship. Details of what to expect can be found here. Join us for worship and fellowship and feel free to ask questions.

How do I join Trinity?

Joining Trinity can be as simple as telling us that you would like to join our fellow and worship. More information can be found here and here.

How do I get Baptized or Confirmed?

 You should talk with our Priest-in-Charge. Basic Information on Baptism can be found here and information on Confirmation can be found here.

How does a child get Baptized?

Once again, speak to our Priest-in-Charge and the full process can be explained. Baptism is at the core of our Faith. Learn more here.

Can anyone attend a service?

Yes! The Episcopal Church welcomes all to our Services. Join us at fellowship following the service and feel free to ask questions. For information on what to expect during a Service click here .

How do I join Trinity?

Joining Trinity can be as simple as telling us you want to join us. Learn more about joining Trinity here and about what it means to be an Episcopalian here.

How do I get myself or my child  Baptized?

Baptism is central to being an Episcopalian and signifies our participation in the Body of Christ. Please talk with our Priest-in-Charge and learn more about Baptism here.

How do I volunteer to help at Trinity?

Volunteers  of all ages are the life blood of Trinity. There are opportunities within the church  and also the organizations that we host. Join us during fellowship after the service and ask questions or contact the office for more details.

How can I ask for prayers?

Within every Service there is an opportunity to request prayers during the Intercessory Prayers. You can publicly ask for prayers for yourself or others. To have prayers added to our Prayer Group's prayers, please talk with our Priest-in-Charge or contact our Office.

How can I get a visit with the Pastor?

Please contact our Priest-in-Charge to schedule a visit or call our Office.

Can I rent space at Trinity for an Event or Business?

The short answer is, Yes! For details and availability please contact the Church Office.

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