Our Priest

A Brief Introduction

Fr. Nikolaus Combs grew up in Boise, ID. After studying music at Boise State University, he followed a call to ordained ministry and seminary at Sewanee, TN. In Sewanee, he met his (now) wife Carrie, and they came to Connecticut together in the summer of 2017. Currently they reside in the Curate House  owned by Trinity Episcopal Church, Newtown, where Nik's wife Carrie is serving as the Curate.


Fr. Nik is a relative newcomer to the Epsicopal tradition, having grown up and been baptized in a Presbyterian church (PCUSA), and did some exploring during his teen years, which included time with Nazarene, Lutheran, and non-denominational traditions before he joined The Epsicopal Church.

Following a call to serve smaller congregations with limited financial resources, Fr. Nik originally thought he would be serving rural parishes in Eastern Idaho. However, the winds of the Holy Spirit have blown him to Connecticut, where he presently serves as a part time priest-in-charge to the faithful people of Trinity, Torrington.

Fr. Nik is passionate about the work God is calling the church toward in this missional age, and is excited to walk the path of faith alongside anyone willing to brave the journey.

Father Nikolaus Combs